How Publishers Can Survive in 2018

GAME BOARD-How Publishers Can Survive in 2018

The eight steps publishers should consider taking in 2018 to keep their ad revenue flow high.

Programmatic grows in power among the biggest publishing players. According to AdExchanger the automated ad purchasing sector accounts for 85% of the Guardian UK’s display advertising business.

The Guardian stays quite frank about currently most efficient business model: “as programmatic becomes a more significant revenue stream, publishers’ appetite for taking control back will move to the forefront.”

The Times does not stay behind, as they overhaul analytics to make content creation data-driven. It’s simple: content requires data. The Times proved their broad market awareness that “digital has a completely different level of insight, and that culturally is something we are trying to inoculate into the DNA of this organization,” said Time Inc. editorial director Will Lee.

Check the PUBLISHER’S GAME BOARD to shed some light on what it takes to survive in 2018:

  • Unify data and bring analytics & bring together different data sources to enable better decision-making and strategy development.  SHOW ME HOW

  • Put user experience before revenue & eliminate ad units that don’t justify that harm. SHOW ME HOW

  • Evaluate your ad partner & remove those who negatively affect overall revenue.  SHOW ME HOW

  • Track revenue in real time &  buy traffic. SHOW ME HOW

  • Place the ads contextually by using semantic targeting or Watson AI. SHOW ME HOW

  • Step up your data offerings to advertisers & leverage your first-party data. SHOW ME HOW

  • Consider a diversified revenue model & focus on a wide variety of ad formats, on subscriptions, and affiliate revenue. SHOW ME HOW

  • Bet on platform diversification & use various OTT devices and platforms. SHOW ME HOW

Check each step below or download your copy of the PUBLISHER’S GAME BOARD.


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