Google Optimized Pricing: How to Make It Works Better

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Are you looking to maximize your programmatic revenue but need to determine how Google Optimized Pricing works? Or are you already aware of that tool and looking for something additional that enhances the results? 

This in-depth analysis will explore the inner workings of Google Optimized Pricing. Moreover, we’ll also introduce Yieldbird’s supplementary solution, PriceGenius, and show the benefits of this tool and how it provides an excellent addition to Google’s optimized pricing.

What is Google Optimized Pricing 

Google Optimized Pricing is a feature within Google Ad Manager that uses machine learning algorithms to dynamically set optimal pricing for programmatic ad inventory. It works by analyzing bidding patterns and behaviors of buyers and adjusting the floor prices of impressions in real-time to maximize revenue while maintaining a competitive market. This prevents advertisers from bidding below the publisher’s value, ensuring a fair pricing system.

How Does Google Optimized Pricing Work?

The process is initiated manually in Google’s pricing through the Unified Pricing Rules. Publishers can create a standard UPR and customize their targeting, then choose “Let Google Optimize Floor Prices” as the pricing option for their ad inventory. Google Optimized Pricing considers factors such as historical data, seasonality, and buyer behavior to determine the best price for each impression. This allows publishers to sell their ad inventory at a fair market value while increasing competition and demand for their ad inventory. 

Google Optimized Floor Price

Instead of manually setting floor prices for each ad impression, Google will use ML algorithms to analyze the bid data and set floor prices to maximize revenue while maintaining a good user experience. This option is comparable to setting a floor price or target eCPM.

However, one potential drawback of this solution is the “black box” problem. Since machine learning algorithms make pricing decisions, publishers can struggle to understand their reasoning. This lack of transparency can make it challenging for publishers to make informed decisions about their ad inventory and pricing strategies. However, Google has implemented specific measures to increase transparency and control for publishers, such as providing detailed reporting and allowing publishers to set pricing floors and ceilings.

Case study: Unified Pricing Rules Management – Discover the Advantages of PriceGenius

For publishers seeking a more personalized and transparent addition to Google’s optimized pricing, Yieldbird offers its innovative product, PriceGenius. This user-friendly solution empowers publishers to maximize their ad revenue while enjoying a customized experience.

The key advantages of PriceGenius include the following:


PriceGenius is a system that adapts to each publisher’s inventory and unique needs every time to provide tailored pricing management.


Unlike the black box nature of Google’s optimized pricing, PriceGenius offers clear insights into its pricing strategies, allowing publishers to see the prices our solution establishes; thus, clients have greater control and understanding of their ad revenue optimization.

Human Oversight 

While PriceGenius leverages machine learning for efficiency, it also involves human analysts who check for any fluctuations in performance and react to them actively to ensure accuracy and reliability.

Ongoing Adjustments 

PriceGenius adapts to clickability, visibility, and website traffic changes, ensuring optimal performance and continuous improvement.

Constant Methodology R&D

Experts continually test new ideas and data sources to enhance PriceGenius’s results. This means publishers can rest assured that they always use the most up-to-date and effective strategies.

The list of competitive advantages of PriceGenius makes it a perfect supplement to Google Optimized Pricing. Experience the benefits of a personalized, transparent, and user-friendly approach to ad revenue optimization. 

Don’t miss the opportunity to maximize your programmatic revenue – test PriceGenius today! We’re confident that our product will work perfectly for you, so we offer a free trial for one month with no implementation or technical costs. Our team of experts is ready to guide you through the setup process and help you unlock the full potential of your ad inventory.


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