Yieldbird embraces IAB Europe’s TCF v2.2 for Enhanced User Privacy and Compliance

In a pivotal move for programmatic advertising, Yieldbird proudly announces approved inclusion as the latest [CMP/VENDOR] in IAB Europe’s Transparency and Consent Framework v2.2 (TCF). This strategic alliance not only aligns us with the forefront of digital transparency but also heralds a new era of compliance and user-centric practices.

Why TCF v2.2 matters in today’s digital landscape?

Launched back in April 2018, the TCF (Transparency & Consent Framework) has really helped make sense of the fast-moving world of digital ads, while also sticking to the tough rules of things like the ePrivacy Directive and GDPR. It’s all about setting a standard that really values user privacy, and now, Yieldbird’s totally on board with this too.

Setting standards: Yieldbird’s commitment to users

By using TCF’s clear-cut way of doing things, we at Yieldbird are making things better for users. We’re all about giving them simple, easy-to-understand choices for their privacy. With integrating TCF’s standardized approach, Yieldbird is enhancing the user experience, providing clear, concise, and user-friendly options for privacy choices. Our goal is to empower users, giving them control over their data and the assurance of privacy.

Our TCF membership signifies our commitment to ethical advertising. We’re now part of a collective that shapes policies and practices, ensuring they align with the evolving digital advertising landscape while keeping user rights at the forefront.

Implementing Practical Requirements: Adhering to TCF v2.2 means Yieldbird is not just compliant but also a forerunner in applying practical requirements that stem from guidelines of Data Protection Authorities.

As we embark on this journey with the TCF, we’re not just advocating for a shift in programmatic advertising; we’re actively participating in a movement that prioritizes transparency, respect, and user privacy. This is not just a compliance milestone; it’s a statement to our commitment to creating a digital ecosystem where user trust is our top priority.

Bartłomiej Oprządek

Karol Jurga

Chief Revenue Officer

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